“Quietly and through its nature, Shawn’s work touches my soul. I can perceive life as it is. This Relationship to art is the one I favor – an alchemical vessel to deeper worlds.” – Caty Shannon

“Your work is free and lyrical, but rigorous.” – Richard Trenner

“Beyond the elegance, beauty and grace of her paintings, her work is deeply spiritual. Shawn’s work transports her viewer into a deep contemplative and expansive place, her paintings bring me peace.” – Lana Halvorson

“With Shawn Dulaney’s paintings in my healing spaces, my patients are brought into a safe and meditative space of open awareness that is full of the mending force of nature. As we sit in the co-presence with her visionary work, it is as if she has brought us right out into the landscape. There, in the place her work has mystically transported us to, we are initiated into a healing reverence for vastness, beauty, and the renewal of life itself.” Rachel Koenig, Aurora Healing Arts

“Dulaney’s paintings give me a sense of energized serenity, expansiveness and renewal; as if I am stepping into the beauty of nature in all its rich color, texture, light and shade.” -Lisa Moller

“Although we rotate most of the art in our house, the Dulaney painting we’ve had in our living space for 25 years has never moved because we never tire of living with it. The colors are gorgeous and the painting is always revealing something new.” – Sara Bennett